Healthcare Provider BLS for the Child


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Mark: Hi, I'm Mark for CPR Certification Institute and today we're going to review BLS for the health care provider for the pediatric patient, for the child. Let's take a look at those skill steps now.

First, establish unresponsiveness. Next, look for breathing for about five seconds. If this child is not breathing, immediately call a code, get some help coming. Now, in health care provider two rescuer BLS for the child, our compression to ventilation ratio is 15 to 2. You're going to provide 15 compressions, then provide 2 ventilations of air. We're still going to attach this child to an AED to see, maybe, if they are in a shockable rhythm. Let's take a look and see what those skills look like, shall we?

Hey kid, you okay? This kid's unresponsive. He's not breathing. Nurse, call a code. Hey, this kid doesn't have a pulse. Hey, get over here with that AED. I'm starting compressions. And go right to 15 to 2.

Speaker 2: Place electrodes.

Mark: AED is here.

Speaker 2: Place electrodes.

Mark: on him.

Speaker 2: Place electrodes. Do not touch patient. Analyzing rhythm. Do not touch patient. Analyzing rhythm. Check pulse. If no pulse, give CPR.

Mark: The kid's got no pulse.

I'm Mark from CPR Certification Institute. This has been child BLS for a health care provider. Remember, you can get certified in CPR tonight. Just log onto CPR Certification Institute and get started. I'm Mark. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.