How Our Course Works

Step One: Register for your courses and start studying.

As soon as you sign up and make your payment, you’ll have instant access to the physician created materials included in the course or courses you’ve chosen. This includes our free study guides, video training, practice exans and your final examinations. All of our materials are prepared by licensed medical professionals, so you kow the information you are receipting is accurate.

Step Two: Use the practice tests to ready yourself for the final exam.

You can take the practice exams over and over, generating unique ones each time. You can also take the final exam online as many times as needed at no additional cost until you achieve a passing score. Instant grading shows you your wrong answers if you fail, so you can go back to the study material and brush up on information you missed or didn't understand.

Step Three: Print our your proof of certification as soon as you pass!

As soon as you’ve passed, we will email your printer friendly digital certification card immediately and forwarded via email to any parties necessary. Your hard copy will be mailed to your address on record and is valid for 2 years. Your card will include your name, the name of your instructor (and his or her medical license number), and the date that you passed the certification.