CPR Certification Institute

The CPR Certification Institute was created to achieve a simple goal – to make learning lifesaving skills easier and more accessible for laypersons and medical professionals alike. Our commitment to providing a robust training and testing option that is flexible and fundamentally sounds is the driving force behind every course we create.

All of our online certification courses are created by board certified medical professionals, and reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Each practice test is generated uniquely, and every final exam is designed to ensure you learn everything you need to know to appropriately react when there is a life threatening emergency.

We believe that the more people there are who know how to save a life, the more lives can be saved. Our courses are created specifically to benefit high school students getting ready to graduate; nurses, medical techs, and lifeguards; nursing home and day care workers; and the average layperson who might someday find themselves in the position of being able to offer aid.

Receiving appropriate CPR or First Aid care can mean the difference between life and death. Those who do not receive CPR immediately following a cardiac event rarely make it to a hospital alive. Your quick action could mean they have a chance.

Our courses cover CPR and AED training, First Aid, Infant CPR, Babysitting, and Bloodborne Pathogens, with more courses to be added in the future. It’s a small time and cost commitment to become certified, and you can do the courses and take the tests at your convenience.

Sign up to become certified today, and join the ranks of lifesavers-in-waiting across the globe!