At cprcertification.com, our goal is to provide online certification via high quality, professional, medical expert created and approved online courses. Our staff is available to interact with customers, answer any and all questions, and address any and all concerns about our online certification courses. We do require that enrollees in our courses make contact with our staff in an attempt to resolve any questions or concerns that may arise either at time of service or subsequent to course completion.

The cprcertification.com program is designed to provide online accredited certification and testing for a variety of purposes. We provide a certification card which proves completion of our course. Our certifications are not American Heart Association approved only because the AHA does not approve or accredit any fully online course, or even any third-party providers except for their own affiliated training centers.

Any purchaser of the course must ask the prospective or existing employer or organizational head whether or not they will accept our card. There is no responsibility on the part of cprcertification.com for any circumstances in which a course graduate provides negligent health services or medical attention. Our courses are not all-inclusive and do not include skills tests or hands on instruction in training and procedure.

Applicants should carefully review the latest AHA guidelines and are encouraged to consider an AHA approved clinical skills program and skills test, and to review supplementary knowledge in procedure, prehospital training, hospital stabilization and other important lifesaving skills.

Our cards will reference a clinical skills scenario review -- this is not a hands-on skills test, but a specific scenario given in written form that references the algorithms and related skills covered in our online course. No graduate can be assumed to have been fully trained in CPR or other clinical skills; they have only been exposed to the algorithms covered in our online training material.

By using our website at cprcertification.com (either by accessing any resource provided, reading information displayed on the site, or completing any or all of our courses), the user agrees that the information provided by us in the courses or on the site is subject to change without notice, that such information may have errors or other inaccuracies, that the CPR Certification Institute is fully excluded from liability for any such errors or other inaccuracies. All information listed on or accessed via the website is to be implemented at the users own risk and liability.

Users are also required to determine whether or not the information displayed on the site is relevant or applicable to any future unique circumstance or clinical situation. There is no guarantee, warranty, or implied coverage of any kind provided for the use of this website's information or training courses.

By using the website at cprcertification.com, or purchasing any certification or recertification course, the user agrees to take full responsibility for their actions and for how knowledge gained from our course is implemented. In addition, users agree to relinquish any responsibility of the CPR Certification Institute for loss of life or injury to any living thing or person that may result from the practice of knowledge acquirred or accessed via our certification or recertification course, or from resources on our website, and to hold no liability whatsoever to the CPR Certification Institute through http://www.cprcertification.com.