Babysitting Recertification

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Babysitting Recertification Course Includes:

  • 24/7 access to our 100% online program
  • Fast, flexible, easy path to certification and recertification
  • Study materials and tests created by licensed healthcare providers
  • Program is AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC compliant
  • Streamlined preparation materials for faster learning
  • Unlimited free practice tests & final exam retakes
  • Free instant printable PDF certification card
  • Material includes providing appropriate care for infants and children, handling emergencies, recognizing and managing behavior, and choosing safe activities.

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Babysitting Recertification – Our 100% Online Course Covers Everything

The CPR Certification Institute's Babysitting Recertification Course covers all of the information and training required to safely and appropriately care for infants and children, allowing those unfamiliar with children to learn the best, safest way to provide basic care.

High Quality Study Material and Tests

All of our courses are prepared by medical professionals. We are committed to providing you with all of the tools and information you need to achieve your Babysitting Recertification, including study guides, unlimited, unique practice tests, and more.

Be the Official Babysitter in your Circles

Our industry leading Babysitting Certification Course is perfect for everyone from high schoolers to soon to be grandparents looking to brush up their skills. We cover everything from basic child care to how to react in emergency situations to ensure the safety of the child or infant.

Real Doctors Create and Vetted our Online BABYSITTING Course

Every one of our courses has been carefully prepared and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. Our coursework and exams are designed to help you quickly learn the material and be able to apply it whenever the need arises. We are committed to providing you with all of correct information you need to achieve your Babysititng Recertification.

Compliant with all of the Latest Guidelines

Another thing that stands out about our courses is that they are fully compliant with AHA, ILCOR, ECC, and ARC guidelines. This means you are getting material that meets the advice form the world’s leading professionals.

Study at your own Convenience for Maximum Flexibility

The fastest certification option is the one that lets you set the pace. We provide study materials and testing modules which are 100% online, ensuring that your Babysitting refresher course is fast, flexible, and simple to complete. Study at your own speed, take as many practice runs as you want, and confidently pass your recertification with ease – with no in-person testing or classes.

Practice Tests are Unlimited, Unique, and Free

Learning is easy when you can pre-test yourself as you go along and do a few practice runs before tackling the final exam. Our system lets you generate unlimited practice exams for free.

Unlimited Test Retakes Until You Pass

You can also take the final exam multiple times without hidden fees or extra charges. There’s no time limit, and you can instantly see your wrong answers after test completion, making it easy to revisit the relevant material and correct your mistakes before retaking.

Get Certification Delivered Immediately

A printable email certification will be sent as soon as you pass your final exam, and it can be printed for proof of your certification. Expect to see your name, your instructor’s name and medical license number, and the date that you passed the final exam on both copies of your card.

Receive Ongoing Support For 2 Years

The CPR Certification Institute will continue to support you after you have finished the Babysitting course and passed your final test. You will continue having access to our industry-leading Babysitting Recertification Course study and practice testing materials for two years.