CPR/AED Course Includes

  • 24/7 access to our 100% online program
  • Fast, flexible, easy path to certification and recertification
  • Study materials and tests created by licensed healthcare providers
  • Program is AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC based
  • Streamlined preparation materials for faster learning
  • Unlimited free practice tests & final exam retakes
  • Free instant printable PDF certification card
  • Material covers wound care, strokes, heart attacks and AED use

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CPR/AED Certification – Get Certified in 1 Hour or Less 

The CPR Certification Institute’s CPR/AED Certification Course covers all of the information and training required to safely perform CPR on adults, children, and infants, as well as detailed instructions for Automated External Defibrillator or AED operation.

All Study Material and Tests Created by Licensed Physicians

All of our material is prepared by licensed medical professionals who are up to date on the latest information and research. We are committed to providing you with all of the tools and information you need to achieve your CPR/AED Certification, from study guides to unlimited, unique practice tests, and more.

Streamlined Courses for Speed and Comprehension

To make our course one of the fastest online, we’ve even streamlined our study program so you can finish courses in the shortest time possible and still have mastery of all concepts. We wanted our program to be both easy to use and comprehensive, so you pass your final exam and earn your certification with confidence.

Based on the latest published American Heart Association guidelines and recommendations

We also have taken care to ensure our 100% online course follows the latest AHA, ILCOR, ECC, and ARC guidelines. You can rest assured you are getting the right information and the best possible plans of action in each scenario covered in our online CPR classes.

Convenient Course Access on your Schedule 

Our training program is designed to provide you with the fastest certification option available. Since the study materials and testing modules are 100% online, CPR certification is fast, flexible, and easy to complete. You can study at your own pace, take practice tests or your final exam when it is convenient to you (even in the middle of the night), and never have to attend any classes in person.

Free Unlimited Practice Tests

You can learn at your own speed and pre-test yourself at intervals whenever you like with our free, unlimited practice tests. Take your CPR/AED Certification test whenever you are ready, and don’t worry if you don’t instantly pass – our program also offers unlimited exam retakes which are always free.

Get your Certification Immediately - Downloadable PDF Card 

Once you successfully complete the examination, you’ll immediately receive email certification which you can print out onto a card that shows your name, your highly-qualified instructor’s name, their medical license number, and the date that you passed the final exam.

Receive Support Even After you Pass

We will continue to support you throughout the process and even after you pass the CPR/AED Certification exam. You can even access the training modules for up to 2 years. This keeps all of the material fresh in your mind, so when it comes time to recertify, you can quickly meet the requirements.