Choking Infant Conscious


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Mark: Hi, babysitting today?

Speaker 2: Hi. Seriously, where have you been? I'm starving.

Mark: Filming with Josh today, I told you this.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, the guy that gets drunk and hits on me in the parking lot.

Mark: Was he as drunk as when I agreed to marry you?

Speaker 2: Please, are you serious, no one's ever been that drunk. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, where's my rings? Oh my gosh, he's turning blue.

Mark: Oh my god, he's turning blue, he's choking.

Now, step one for baby choking. Grab the baby by the jaw, cradle him across your arm, get him head down, and you're going to perform five back blows, or back slaps. The heel of your hand is going to go right between the scapula. Administer five slaps, hopefully the obstruction comes out. If not, cradle the infant, flip him over, resting back on your arm, again keeping the head down so we're using gravity to our benefit, and you're going to perform five chest thrusts. Two fingers just below the nipple line, and again we're going to compress about one third the distance through this kid's chest, just like we would for infant CPR. So administer your five chest thrusts.

Next, look into the airway. If the object of the back blows and the chest thrust was to help move that object into the infant's mouth, take a peek in the mouth. If you see it, remove it. If not, perform two ventilations. Remember to cover the nose and the mouth, and continue the cycle of back blows, chest thrusts, looking in the airway, breathing for the infant. Make sure you have help coming.

I'm Mark for CPR certification institute, and thank you for watching today's video on infant choking. Now, you can get certified in CPR today. Just log on to our website, and get started. I'm Mark, thanks for watching, and we'll see you in the next video.