Choking Child by CPR


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Mark: Hi, I'm Mark from CPR Certification Institute, and today we're going to be doing child choking. This is important because under the age of five, choking is like the fifth leading cause of death in children, so it's important. What do they mostly choke on? Food. Why? They're always eating. I'm always feeding mine. Kids choke on food. They choke on toys and smaller objects too, but the majority of deaths unfortunately are from food. So how do you prevent that? Don't rush your child when they're eating and don't leave them eating unattended. Stay with your kid if they're eating, especially if they're under age five.

First, recognize the choking victim. Recognize the child who's choking. They may not be able to speak. They're going to look scared. They may be gesturing towards their throat. The only sound you hear coming out of them is a high-pitched whistle. Ask them, "Are you choking? Can you speak?" If not, begin the Heimlich maneuver.

Are you choking? Can you speak at all? Okay, stand up, stand up.

Are you all right? Are you okay? All right?

Now notice, when you learned how to do the Heimlich on an adult, it was done standing. You're trying to get your hands underneath the diaphragm. You want to push up on the diaphragm to remove that object, but you can't do it hovering over them. You have to get down behind them, so drop down to one knee behind the victim. Puts you in a better position to do proper, effective abdominal thrusts.

Now, after the object's been expelled, stay with the child. Make sure the child is okay. You're going to continue to do the Heimlich maneuver until either the obstruction comes up or the child become unresponsive. At this point, call 911 immediately. Get some help coming. Come back, begin CPR. You're going to start standard CPR, the only difference is, before you put air into the victim, open up the mouth, look in the mouth, see if you can visualize the obstruction and pull it out.

I'm Mark from CPR Certification Institute. Thank you for watching our video on child choking. Need to get certified right now? Just log onto our website, and get started. Thanks, I'll see you in the next video.