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Mark: Thanks again for being on the show. I appreciate it, man.

Rob Ryfe: Thanks, yeah. I'm just hoping it inspires others, man.

Mark: Been over the script?

Rob Ryfe: Yeah.

Mark: Any questions? You ready?

Rob Ryfe: No, I mean, I've seen all of you and Josh's videos. You guys do a great job ...

Mark: Appreciate it.

Rob Ryfe: And it's not like you guys are going to make me look like an idiot or anything like that. I mean ...

Mark: Have you appeared on Obesity Tonight or something, you know.

Rob Ryfe: Yeah, I don't think it's going to be anything like that and nothing too cheesy, right?

Mark: Hi, I'm Mark and welcome to Obesity Tonight, the show where we celebrate and spotlight one famous obese person. Tonight's guest, Mr. Rob Ryfe. Hi, and welcome to Obesity Tonight. Our first guest, Mr. Rob Ryfe, sound engineer, studio engineer, and star of the new movie The Choking Man. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Rob Ryfe, right?

Rob Ryfe: Thanks for having me, Mark. I appreciate it.

Mark: Thank you for being here tonight. This has to be exciting. How did you feel when you first discovered you got the leading role in The Choking Man?

Rob Ryfe: I was super excited. I was very honored that I was chosen by Josh and Mark. They make great videos, and well, I'm just honored to be a part of it.

Mark: That's wonderful. Let me ask you, how much do you weigh right now?

Rob Ryfe: Around 345.

Mark: 345. Now when I first met you, you were a lot bigger. So, you've lost some weight. How much have you lost since ...

Rob Ryfe: I've lost almost 100 pounds. Yeah, I was over 440, I really never ... I could not get on a normal scale. It took a long time before I could find a scale that could actually weigh me.

Mark: Oh

Rob Ryfe: Yeah. I was drinking, you know, four large pops a day almost.

Mark: Wow.

Rob Ryfe: Yeah, I really liked it. I don't recommend that to anybody. But yeah, it just started with a change.

Mark: Well done. So it takes a little discipline.

Rob Ryfe: Absolutely. It takes a lot of self-control, discipline, and you really, really have to want it. Anybody that asks me for advice, that's the one thing, you have to set your mind on it, and if I can do it, you can do it because this is just ... It's your life, you know, and we have to get seriously.

Mark: And it is your life and you have to be enjoying your life, right now with all the success of the new movie.

Rob Ryfe: Absolutely.

Mark: The Choking Man. Congratulations again.

Rob Ryfe: Thanks.

Mark: We got a clip over here. Let's take a peek at this real quick.

Now, we can see in this video the rescuer comes up behind the victim and gets in the position to do the Heimlich maneuver. Problem is he can't get his arms all the way around the victim. He can't do effective abdominal thrusts. So now, he's going to move up to the chest area. Hand in the center of the chest with a fist, wrap the other hand around, straight into the chest while simultaneously squeezing the side of the chest. So you're trying to increase the pressure in the chest by squeezing the chest.

Now look at this. This is incredible, right. This is perfect. What are you feeling right there? How are you getting there?

Rob Ryfe: Well, you know, that scene's kind of funny. I was actually choking, but they ... Yeah, I was choking for real. I was not acting at that point.

Mark: Really.

Rob Ryfe: But took them a little while to realize I was actually choking. Thankfully, it was trained in a sense where you can help me and well, here I am today.

Mark: So, enjoying all of this success.

Rob Ryfe: Absolutely.

Mark: All of this success. So, everybody wants to know are you going to work with Mark and Josh again? Is this going to move forward? Do I smell a franchise?

Rob Ryfe: I would love to.

Mark: What's going on there? Can you spill some ...

Rob Ryfe: I would love to.

Mark: Can you spill some ... Really? Okay.

Rob Ryfe: I can't spill any details of any sequels or anything like that, I ...

Mark: Sure. I understand that. Perfectly understandable. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Rob Ryfe. Thank you for being on the show.

Rob Ryfe: Thank you, Mark. I appreciate it.

Mark: Hey, this has been Obesity Tonight. I'm Mark, thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

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