First Download the extension:

Then install the module : Follow link below if require :)

Installing an extension

Then go to Module Manager (Extensions>>Module Manager)

Click New

a popup will open like below


Click on that : Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed

Title : Can be anything you wish

Show Title : Hide

Position : Choose from your template module positions

Basic Options

Settings For Individual Profile

User name : Your Twitter User Name

Twitter Widget Id : 

go to

then click create new and put your username then click Create Widget will get an ID like 346792666668871680 this - copy it and put on the widget id field

Dimensions : Set your Module Width and Height - Put the values on Pixel - ("auto" property won't work)

Appearance : Some CSS modification you can do from here


Border : Yes or No

Scrollbar : Yes or No

Advanced Options

Put your Module Class Suffix on this field