First Download the extension.

Then install the module : Follow link below if require :)

Installing an extension

Then go to Module Manager (Extensions>>Module Manager)

Click New

a popup will open


Click on that : Facebook Slider Likebox

Now Filled the Parameters

Title : Can be anything you wish
Show Title : Hide
Position : Module should be published at position before </body> closing tag. Usually it is named debug. If you do not have such position then add following code to your template in index.php file

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="debug" />

and in file: templateDetails.xml


if you published module in any other position it should still work.

Make it published and assign on the menu you wish :)

Basic Parameters of module :

Module Class Suffix : Put you template suffix name
Load jQuery : Select No if you have already jquery loaded on site and yes if not
Page URL : Your Facebook Page URL
Example :

Others parameters are basic – Select as your desire
Once Done – Click save and clear cache if require.

That’s all!