Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider

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Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider allows you to increase the number of friends who follow your Facebook page. This free Facebook module is a dynamic means of advertising your Facebook page on any website in a manner that is more efficient then simply relying on the Facebook “Like” button.

Choose Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider

Choosing Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider will allow you to display snapshots of your Facebook page, Facebook friends and Facebook timelines. When visitors click on the Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider display, the visitor can become an instant subscriber to your Facebook page and view your Facebook page, Facebook news streams, Facebook timelines and Facebook photos.

The Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider creates a lasting Facebook connection between you and your web page visitors, while displaying Facebook page activities. Every time a visitor clicks on the Ultimate Facebook module they can become a Facebook friend and Facebook fan of your Facebook page without having to your leave your site! Once new fans have followed your Facebook page they can communicate directly with you even after they leave your site. Download and install Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider so that you can share Facebook statuses and updates directly from you website with your new Facebook fans.

Expand Your Facebook Social Network

All businesses should take advantage of the benefits that come from using the Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider. Facebook is an amazing, no-cost social media advertising tool. In fact, installing our Facebook module will provide instant access to millions of potential Facebook friends. When you install Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider you gain the following capabilities:

  • A list of all Facebook users who have liked your Facebook page;
  • A display of recent Facebook posts, Facebook updates, and other Facebook activity directly from your website;
  • Enhances Facebook visitor engagement with your site;
  • Facilitates the addition of users to your Facebook Fan base;
  • Broadcast Facebook messages across Facebook to all Facebook page fans; AND
  • Viral syndication solutions through the use of Facebook connections;

Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slider Product Specifications

Ultimate Facebook Like Box Slide takes your website’s Facebook social media presence to the next level. This professional, high-quality Facebook module comes with the following product specifications:

  • A base URL that relies on your Facebook Page base URL;
  • The ability to display or hide Facebook friend streams and Facebook friend faces directly on the Facebook Like Box Slider display;
  • The ability to choose the amount of Facebook friend faces and Facebook connections that can be displayed via your Facebook plugin;
  • Facebook Like Box Slider module widths and heights displayed in pixels; AND
  • Facebook container borders and Facebook container backgrounds.