CPR Certification in Connecticut

Online CPR Certification in Connecticut

Obtaining CPR certification online in Connecticut is very swift and convenient when you study and complete an online course at home. You can earn CPR / AED / First Aid certification as well as renewal online, and can also earn certification in Bloodborne Pathogens, Babysitting, and Infant CPR if necessary.

Being certified in CPR, Infant CPR, AED, or First Aid can save a person’s life. The skills and knowledge needed to save a life can be obtained by laypersons when they earn their CPR certification online. CPR training in Connecticut will be required for all students graduating high school beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

State of Health in Connecticut

According to America’s Health Rankings 2016 report, a very low percentage of the Connecticut population does not have health insurance; only 6.5% of Connecticut residents are uninsured. Connecticut also has a higher number of primary care physicians per 100,000 people than most of the country. There are 197.8 primary care physicians per 100,000 people living in Connecticut.

In Connecticut, 13.5% of adults smoke, which is 13% lower than two years ago; 15.5% of adults reported that they smoked then. Connecticut has only 4.8 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, which is among the lowest in the country. This is 6% lower than two years ago.

Unfortunately, many Connecticut deaths are caused by a cardiovascular event; for every 100,000 people in the population, 217.2 will die from a cardiac related issue. This is why it is important for laypersons to earn CPR certification online in Connecticut.

Physical inactivity and obesity are factors which can add to the risk of a cardiac episode; 23.5% of Connecticut residents are physically inactive, while 25.3% are obese. Laypersons and medical personnel and can obtain the knowledge to correctly respond in an emergency situation by completing a CPR certification course, which can include AED training.

Jobs Requiring CPR Certification in Connecticut

Many of us expect emergency personnel, lifeguards, and medical professionals, to obtain CPR certification, but there are many more who could benefit. Other jobs in which online CPR certification would be helpful may include:

  • Instruction providers for water related activities such as rowing, diving, and other aquatic instructors or directors.
  • Logistics and construction workers, retail employees, manufacturing personnel, and other professions where a colleague, client, or customer may need help in an emergency
  • Volunteers, professionals, personal fitness trainers, coaches, and other volunteers and professionals involved in youth athletics and sports
  • Corrections officers and police, firemen, security personnel, and other professionals who are around people dealing with a stressful situation.
  • Volunteers or professionals who work with the elderly or disabled, such as charity and social workers, and in-house and in-facility companions.
  • Volunteers and professionals who with children including babysitters, daycare workers, nannies, and Head Start teachers
  • Receptionists, administrators, front desk personnel, and other members of a dentists’ or doctors’ office who might need to help with patients
  • Any educational facility staff members who are around children including maintenance, support staff, teachers, and administration.

More Information about CPR/AED Certification in Connecticut

Your CPR/AED certification will need to be renewed every two years in Connecticut. Online CPR certification can help make this a quick and easy process.

Some employers may have a requirement that you complete a hands-on skills test. if this is the case, you will need to appear at the testing site in person in order to complete certification. There could be a small fee associated with this.

CPR Skills Testing Sites in Connecticut

These facilities / individuals may be offering on-site CPR skills testing in Connecticut. You can contact them directly to inquire.

ETC Consulting, LLC
Erik Hansen
Indian Land, SC 29707
Phone: 860-214-1943

Sterling Care
Steven Katz
Greenwich, CT 06831
Phone: 203-532-0500

Advantages of Online Certification

Obtaining CPR Certification online in Connecticut provides a number of benefits. When you use the CPR Certification Institute, you get:

  • CPR/AED/First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Infant CPR, & Babysitting courses
  • Flexible study hours and locations – study anywhere, at any time
  • No time limits – you can take as long as you need to learn the material
  • High quality courses – all material is prepared by health professionals
  • Unlimited, unique practice tests with instant grading to test your knowledge
  • Free final exam retakes until you pass with an 80% or higher score
  • Instant certification with a printable PDF card emailed 24/7/365
  • Hardcopy certification card mailed to you at no additional charge
  • Certification guaranteed to be accepted or your money back
  • Referral for local skills testing if required by your employer

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